This year’s edition of HANSEartWORKS is all about performance: 13 artists or artist groups will be sent to Neuss by cities from the Hanseatic League and will explore the Alte Post and the surrounding urban space with a wide variety of performative actions. The artistic contributions are inspired by this year’s motto of the Hanseatic Day, “In the flow of time”. It will be musical, it will be interactive, it will often be surprising, it will certainly be loud, it will be funny, it will have culinary delights and it will certainly be worth seeing! The Alte Post invites you to ‘drop by’ and linger in the Performance Lounge, because the program is dense, varied and never boring.

The Kulturforum Alte Post is located on the official visitors route, close to the Neuss town hall. In addition to the dense artistic program, there will also be an exhibition inside the Alte Post, which will be constantly changing throughout the Hanseatic Day. The Performance Lounge aims to be not only a place of action but also a meeting place, so there will be food and drink trucks with plenty of seating on the forecourt, and in the garden a blanket can be laid out. In the evening, visitors will be invited to shake a leg to experimental sounds.

The HANSEartWORKS have been an integral part of the Hanseatic Day since 2007: every year, artists from the member cities of the world’s largest voluntary association of cities can apply to represent their Hanseatic city at the annual international exhibition.


The program is dense, the performance contributions very diverse and wide-ranging, and there is room for improvisation and spontaneity. We look forward to you stopping by again and again, letting yourself be surprised and perhaps even becoming part of an action.

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In the following, all participating artists and artist groups from the 13 Hanseatic cities are briefly introduced with their actions for HANSEartWORKS.

Danzig: Honorata Martin

Honorata is a painter, performer and multimedia artist. In her actions, she often exposes herself to situations that involve overcoming her own limits and fears.

Her performance for HANSEartWORKS will already begin in her hometown of Gdansk: From there, Honorata will make her way to Neuss by car. On her car will be the sentence “I don’t know” and the artist will also proclaim this message via megaphone at her stops, in villages, towns and cities, in shopping centre car parks, in market places and under churches. The action and the reactions will be documented on film and presented at the Alte Post. The finale of their journey will take place on the forecourt of the Alte Post.


Dortmund: Anke Ames

(Foto: Ulrike Korbach)

Anke Ames is a violinist, composer and describes herself as a ‘fragment artist’. Her compositional work, based on ‘graphic composition’, is inspired by encounters with musicians, artists and other people close to her. In her art she works with sounds, poetry and drawings. In her musical performances, as will take place at HANSEartWORKS, Anke often finds her starting point in classical music, but she ‘paints over’ the pieces she knows from the first bow stroke and transforms them into new compositions in real time. What emerges are predominantly contemporary sounds and the actual moment of performance is spontaneous and directly guided by her present feelings and energies which are expressed in the music.


Greifswald: Astrid Brünner & Marcus Schramm

Astrid's artistic work involves painting, graphics and performance, often in public spaces and in interaction with other actors. Marcus is an artist and art teacher, but also works as a curator and gallery owner at the Neue Greifen Galerie.

With their performative artistic action in public space, the duo wants to enable spontaneous encounters and interaction and to establish contacts.

The square and the cube, the main elements of the performance, mark an abstracted and distant spatial body and thus form a platform for the visualisation of actions and situations. In the performances, interior and exterior spaces are explored and performed in stagings. In the process, spontaneous encounters occur, bringing random situations into view and a temporal moment into consciousness.

www.astridbruenner.de www.marcus-schramm.de

Hannover: Kerstin Möller

Kerstin Möller, Melting bodies, 2018 (Foto: Karolina Sobel)

Kerstin Möller studied Choreography, Media Arts & Urbanism in London, Reykjavik, Dartington, Karlsruhe. Ihre künstlerische Praxis umfasst neben Choreografie auch Performance, Installation und Medienkunst. Her artistic practice traverses choreography, performance, installation and media art, currently exploring the aesthetics and implications of climate change impacts and extreme emotional states.

In the Alte Post, Kerstin will present a video-sound installation that will be expanded with a live performance element. The Installation traces the movement and time water takes to move around the globe, changing from solid to liquid to vaporized. Portraying the ocean as a contested space, where political and territorial lines are drawn across, the water itself moves beyond any concept of border, state or concrete territorial ownership and thus reminds us of the transitory nature of established systems.

Hattem: Edith de Jong

Edith’s artistic work revolves around the theme of connection: connections between people and aspects of everyday life. But also the very practical everyday elements, such as scaffolding, construction sites, planes and lines, microchips.

For HANSEartWORKS, Edith will involve the audience and invite them to transform an existing artwork into new artwork(s). For this purpose, a woven work will be integrated into the exhibition in the Alte Post and is to be transformed, fragmented, perhaps destroyed in a certain way by the visitors, but also gladly carried on, taken along and installed in new places. The spirit of HANSEartWORKS is to be carried throughout the city in a certain way with this opening performance.


La Rochelle: Jérôme Abel

Jérôme is a visual artist with a multimedia focus. In his installations and performances, he stages interactive situations, hybrid and kinetic sculptures that question our relationship to artefacts, life and the phenomena of knowledge acquisition and exchange.

The project for HANSEartWORKS is linked to LIENSs, a research unit of the National Centre for Scientific Research and the University of La Rochelle, and is part of an investigation into the relationships between microscopic worlds and climate issues. Materials (sand, stones, shards, etc.) previously collected in Neuss city centre or in nature are collected in a transparent tube. During the audiovisual performance, the artist collects these materials on a transparent plate filmed from below, triggering sound events.


Lübeck: Janine Gerber

Janine Gerber, Papier–Raumkörper, Performance 2021 (Foto: Helge Mundt)

In her artistic work, Janine is interested in capturing natural phenomena: the movement of people, but also the movement and physicality in nature. So it’s about perceiving everyday, often unconscious processes of change and transformation and making them visible.

For HANSEartWORKS, Janine will roll up a very large roll of paper with her hands in her performance and watch how the paper behaves, how it falls into the space. The paper forms a pictorial space in which the artist can observe the connection between pictorial and external space and change it through her performative action. The paper finds its own movement in the real space in connection with the architecture and the influence of natural light to create spatial bodies that transform, withdraw and dissolve in the next moment. The white of the paper web resembles a brushstroke in real space.


Neuss: famka

famka formed a collective in 2020 and is made up of the artists Janina Brauer (painting, illustration), Claudia Ehrentraut (drawing, sculpture, performance) and Michaela Masuhr (sculpture, drawing, performance). famka's projects live from the mutual influence of the three women, which result in performances, projects and exhibitions. One theme that unites the three artists is to give a voice to the unspeakable (fears, traumas).

The performance prepared for HANSEartWORKS deals with the theme: What defines me? They ask questions about their own identity: Who am I and who do I want to be (as a woman, as a person)? Which influences of earlier (women’s) generations still shape us as modern people? Which things from the past preoccupy us, which influence us? Which ones remain or cannot be suppressed?


Pärnu: Billeneeve

(Foto: Simo Ulvi)

Billeneeve (the pseudonym of Pille Neeve) is a baroque, exuberant, crazy, cheerful, sexual performance artist. She is a phenomenon who shocks society and her environment with her presence, with her presence; a positive explosion; a being who transforms the space around her space, around her into art.


Pärnu: Leonardo

In his artistic work, Alar Raudoja’s alter ego ‘Leonardo’ tries to solve mystical codes and riddles and transform them into simple representations of everyday life.

At HANSEartWORKS he presents an excerpt of his photographic series SOUL & BODY, which documents the annual performance festival “Diverse Universe” in Pärnu, Estonia. The festival has a long tradition and is organised by the artists’ group Non Grata.


Stade: Malefikanten

The Malefikanten are an improvisational-performance duo consisting of Arvild J. Baud, freelance sound artist, performer and composer, with a multimedia mixture of theatre, performance, film and visual sound art, and Dirk Meinzer, post-conceptual artist, with a focus on painting, drawing, objects, performances, installations, books and assemblages with organic material such as parts of animals, food or faeces.

At HANSEartWORKS in Neuss, the two come in disguises, with records to mix, all kinds of instruments and will perform spontaneously, hysterically, loudly and again very quietly. They seduce the audience with a smile, a wonder, a shifting into a strange acoustic hallucinatory world. There will be gargling, singing and poetry quoted onomatopoeically.

Toruń: Toruńska Orkiestra Improwizowana

The Toruńs Improvisation Orchestra consists of professional artists, amateurs and music lovers. The group makes musical improvisations, sometimes in small groups, sometimes even with 12 or even 15 people, using not only musical instruments such as trumpet, French horn, electric guitar, drums, congas, but also anything that enables sound improvisation, such as watering cans and other everyday objects.

In Neuss, the group plans to build a metronome using a wheelbarrow they bring from Toruń and adding some vessels, pots and bowls found in Neuss. It will be a kind of instrument that creates a sound through the dripping and flowing of water. During the performance, the group will do a musical improvisation on the theme of flowing water, inspired by the Vistula in Toruń – a medieval road for ships to the nearest cities, which have always worked together as Hanseatic cities.


Visby: Theodor Ryan

Theodor Ryan is a conceptual performing artist. Together with his duo partner Johanna Karlsson, he has produced a staged piece that he will present during HANSEartWORKS at the Alte Post. A model world is created in concrete (after water, the most used substance in the world). The flow of time is created using light, dramaturgy and the presence of the performers and audience. In our time of climate change we constantly talk about a future to come, we make projections, promises and demand or refuse action now. Action in the present in relationship to the concept of the future is the subject of this performance.


Wismar: Lydia Klammer

Spanning performance, theatre, printmaking, drawing, photography and interventions, Lydia Klammer stands on the shoulders of many giants and yet has her own feet firmly on the ground. She is a creative fighter – the Venus with the mirror – only she does not point it at herself. She also spans the arc between a lively, bodily presence and a reduced, delicate atmosphere of human absence.

For her performance at HANSEartWORKS, she enters the given, limited form of a cube – a state of abstinence and restriction. Movements are made more difficult, both physically and mentally, but there is also time for contemplation, inner reflection, struggle and the essential – curiosity. The performance entitled “Konfetti im Kopf” (Confetti in the Mind) tells of the circumstances before, during and after the realisation, and it is not infrequently a long road to this realisation.


Supporting Act: Xenia Ende

For her performance “Konfetti im Kopf”, Lydia Klammer will be musically supported by the transdisciplinary artist Xenia Ende. Xenia is about circumspection, playfulness, improvisation, ways of relating, poetry, beauty, feminism, cheekiness, humour, twisting, drag, queering and showmanship. She calls what she does “neurotrans*verse performance” an invented bracket word consisting of neurodiversity, trans-gender/sexuality, and performance and perforation.


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Curatorial Team:

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