youthHansa programme

Neuss is young and flowing with the times

For the Hanseatic Day, the Hanseatic themes of adventure, sustainability and economy will be staged in Neuss for up to 88 youthHansa delegates.
In addition to the action-packed programme of the Hanseatic Day 2022, the youthHansa delegates have their own programme. The schedule offers all participants the opportunity to get to know the special character of the city of Neuss as a business location better and in depth with a tour of the highlights of the local economy, on a rafting tour on the Erft and in its (youth) cultural diversity.
One of the city’s major concerns is not to have the youth delegates’ programme take place in parallel and in isolation, but to place it at the heart of the event. A Hanseatic Day of short distances. Short distances for the youthHansa!

Place of Residence: A hotel ship for the delegates!

A hotel ship has been rented exclusively for the youthHansa. This will be the hostel for up to 88 delegates of the youthHansa from May 26-29 2022. The ship is located at harbour basin 1, directly next to the municipal youth facility Greyhound Pier 1, within walking distance of the city centre and only a few minutes’ walk from the main areas of action at the Hanseatic Day.

The youthHansa programme

Throughout the entire period, youth delegates will be offered a programme that is as exciting and diverse as the Hanseatic city of Neuss with its three profiles of adventure, sustainability and economy.

The profiles

Profile Commerce

Several hundred years ago, the ports of the Hanseatic cities were an important hub for trade and logistics. Today, the port of the Hanseatic city of Neuss is still the economic centre of the city with over 500 ha, 150 companies and 21,000 secure jobs. During the Hanseatic Day, the youth delegates will be given the opportunity to gain interesting insights into modern production and logistics locations at selected port companies, some of which have already distinguished themselves in advance as Hanseatic prize winners.
For early arrivals, there will also be a guided bus tour of the entire port area, including a visit to the telecommunications tower, in cooperation with the company Neuss-Düsseldorfer Häfen.

Profile Adventure

Go on a great trip and experience an exciting rafting tour on the Erft! Up to 14 participants can be together in one boat, which guarantees a very special group experience. Before the start of the rafting tour, trained guides will give you a detailed introduction to paddling techniques and each participant will receive a life jacket. No special skills are required, but everyone must be able to swim!

Profile Sustainability

Amidst current and increasing discussions on the topics of climate and environment, the theme of sustainability will be integrated into the programme. In cooperation with the Nutritional Council of Rhine County Neuss, several workshops on the topic of “sustainable nutrition” will be offered under the guidance of a variety of experts on Sunday afternoon. Youth delegates will be given useful tips and tricks for sustainable consumption. In addition, they will be able to enjoy refreshments that they have made themselves – based on ecologically and economically sound products naturally!

Overarching Programme Elements


The urban youth facility Greyhound Pier 1 is located centrally between the city centre and the hotel ship at the harbour pier 1. As the youthHansa-Cafe, Greyhound Pier 1 will be a central contact point for youthHansa delegates throughout the Hanseatic Day 2022. The youthHansa-Cafe offers all options for exchange amongst themselves. In addition, this meeting place enables active and committed young people from Neuss as well as the delegates of the youthHansa to get to know each other. Furthermore, despite and in between the hustle and bustle of the Hanseatic Day, the premises of the facility offer a peaceful and quiet retreat.
The youthHansa café team will be on hand during the stay to offer advice and help with any questions and is looking forward to a lively weekend and encounters in the flow of time.

Youth Hansa Party

On Friday, May 27 2022, the end-of-day party for youth delegates will take place at the municipal youth facility known as “Das Haus”, which is only a few minutes’ walk from the city centre. Last year, the facility was renovated and fitted with new equipment. In addition, “Das Haus” is known for hosting various concerts and/or dance projects. Therefore, the charm of the facility lends itself perfectly and will present the right atmosphere for the party.

Youth Delegates Assembly

For the Youth Delegates Assembly on Saturday, May 28 2022, the council chamber in the City Hall of Neuss will be made available. The premises offer enough space for the 88 delegates, whereby the council hall also has the necessary technical equipment.

Participation fee

The fee for the youth delegates including accommodation, programme and meals, is € 100. Admission to the large Hanseatic Party on Saturday, 28 May 2022 is not included. Registration (also for the Hanseatic Party) is via the registration system of the Hanseatic Day (please contact the respective coordinator of the Hanseatic City).

Neuss is looking forward to the youthHansa 2022!